About me

This blog lacked a definitive about me section, so here goes.


I’m a 17-year-old teen from Mumbai, India. I’ve been privileged enough to have opportunities to do the things that I love, writing being one of them. Among my hobbies, which may seem absurd for a 17-year-old in 2017, I love astronomy, basketball, and video gaming. I’ve done a lot of youtube videos too, but most of them got deleted due to a glitch.

Aside from that, I’m studying Computer Science to become a software developer. I get a lot of flack for my music. Among my musical taste is Zack Hemsey, The Glitch Mob, Bonobo, Foster the People, and then a few classic artists like Grover Washington Jr.

In my free time, I maintain the @hriwrite page on Instagram.
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